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The PROS Platform

The PROS Platform is continuously evolving to fulfill our vision of optimizing every shopping and selling experience. The PROS pricing, personalization, and selling capabilities are available for embedding and integrating into all your digital ecosystem applications through our extensive APIs. Note: includes the most current PROS REST APIs and more APIs are being added. PROS’s customers and partners can use PROS Connect for any PROS APIs not yet available here.


Explore the PROS APIs to understand how to integrate and embed capabilities from the PROS Platform into your ecosystem applications.

Quote Access and manage quotes used to form proposals, negotiate, and close sales with customers. Quote
Quote Model
Dynamic Domains
Quote Designer
Price Access and manage pricing and related calculations, conversion, and data structures and collections. Conversion (external)
Dimension (external)
Pricing Evaluation
Lookup (external)
Configurator Enable the ability for sellers and buyers to configure products. Control configuration rules and options. Configurator (external)
Catalog Access and manage the product catalog including associated Catalog (external)
Transportation & Logistics Price air cargo and trucking shipments by route with access to underlying pricing elements and components Transportation & Logistics

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